EMail Bounce Handler

eMail Bounce Handler is a bounce e-mail filtering and handling tool that recognizes bounce e-mails using a customizable set of rules and extracts the recipients addresses allowing you to use them again to try sending your mail or to take them off your


DEGMA Audio Handler  v.0.5

With DEGMA Audio Handler you can cut multi pieces from the following supported formats to one file: - audio: mp3, wav, avi, the following are supposed to work(did not tested)AIFF, AU, GSM, MP2, QT, RMF - video(will not be shown or heared because

The Neighborhood Handler  v.4 11

The Neighborhood Handler is a program where you can easily manage your neighborhoods of The Sims with. If you don't have one of the expansion packs or The Sims Deluxe, you can have multiple neighborhoods by using The Neighborhood Handler.

Text Handler  v.

Text Handler is a full featured search and replace program that will make anyones job easier. You can easily change, insert or delete text in any text file.

TFS Event Handler  v.1 3

The TFS Event Handler is an system by which users can easily write event handlers and get them actioned when TFS fires events.

PSP Thumbnail Handler  v.2. 10. 1949

PSP Thumbnail Handler is a free utility developed by Bot Productions. When viewing files on your computer with Windows Explorer's thumbnails view, this utility allows you to view thumbnails of Paint Shop Pro images. Version 2.

DarkStorm's Batch Print Handler  v.

DarkStorm's Batch Print Handler is a small .NET tool that was created to help users print multiple documents.

Foxit PDF Preview Handler for XP  v.1.0

Foxit PDF Preview Handler for XP is an add-on designed to work with Outlook. Its purpose is to give a preview of PDF attachments.

GMail Handler Firefox Add on  v.0.2.0

gMail Handler is a Firefox addon, a gmail improved for Firefox, can compose emails in new tabs. It also features email & chat notifications. It can also handle Mailto and paste special.Requirements: * Firefox * Gmail

EMail Bounce Handler X  v.3.5.2

eMail Bounce Handler is a bounce e-mail filtering and handling tool.

Event Driven Command Line Handler  v.1.1.6

For Java, parses GNU standards compliant command line arguments and calls event handler methods/fields automatically, based on given arguments (cmd line & from file).

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